Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Okay well we've started our lesson plan and decided on a way to start off our lesson. We need to know find a way to incorporate the podcast in our teaching. We're not sure if either to use the podcast as a closure or during the middle of class. We begin class with a youtube video pertaining to our topic and so perhaps 15 minutes into the lesson we can play our podcast and have an open discussion where the students are allowed to form groups and talk about their reactions to the reading. There are actually many ways we can go with this.

We just need to find a way that makes the lesson flow properly and keeps students interested.

6 questions for "The Jungle"

1. Does anyone know what The Jungle is about or its effect on history ?

2. If you were a worker in this time period, based on the description the author provided, what would be your initial reaction to witnessing these job conditions first hand ? ( One page reflection piece )

3. What does the title The Jungle symbolize ?

4. How does the author's tone make you feel ? Use examples from the reading to support your position.

5. Describe the connection between the worker in The Jungle and the occupational hazards that lower income workers face.

6. After hearing this passage, do you think the government should be more actively involved in the well being of its people ? What are some issues you feel the government needs to regulate.

Working on Lesson Plan

Today me and Dean don't have much to do. We finished out podcast last week as well as creating our five questions. The only thing we need to work on now is the planning out of our lesson plan. I've never had to work on a lesson plan with someone else so I'm guessing this may be a little easier, there are more ideas to chose from. At the same time as aspiring teachers we learn about different techniques and ways of keeping students interested in a classroom. From the lesson plan I think we should get accomplished up to the procedure. We both want to teach high school and our suject areas are very compatible. Writing and History are close subjects in which we can create a lot of activites with. The only thing im not so sure about is how we will start the lesson. Do we need to begin with the podcast or do we actually give a little historical background and then incorporated the reading and writing aspect of the lesson.

I actually enjoyed the days at the lab. Podcasting is something i've never done, but definitely will begin doing from home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Podcasting and Questions Complete

Today was schockingly a very productive day. Dean and I got everything done. Podcasting our excerpt did take some time; we kept making mistakes and so had to stop and begin again. In the end however it sounded well put together. The questions we decided on, in my opinion, seemed appropriate for the grade level we intend to teach. The questions deal with a lot of opinions from the students and allows us as teachers to figure out if the students comprehended the reading. We also created questions that make the students think beyond what they read; we motivate them to make connections with current problems this new age deals with. I feel that this is the best way to ensure that students really understand lessons; they are able to take what they learned and adapt it to their society making what they learned more valuable. At the same time it keeps students interested because as teachers we are using problems they face or will face as a source of conversation.

Podcasting Excerpt

Well today the plan is to podcast the excerpt from "The Jungle" that we intend to base our lesson plan on. Judging from how we did the first time we podcasted I think it will take us more time to make sure the podcast sounds clear to the students and does not have any errors. Dean and I might actually have to record several times; if only there was a way in which we could save part of the podcast that sounds good and edit what does'nt. That would make it much easier. Dean selected several excerpts that he thought might be interesting and we now came to the decision on which one we will use. Podcasting the excerpt is goign to be interesting, a little tricky, but at the same time fun.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Today's lesson was very interesting. I never really knew how podcasting worked until today. I definitely enjoyed podcasting with my partner; even though we had to re-record several times. What makes this type of interaction fun is because we are able to make a lesson plan more energizing and hip. What makes me actually enjoy this more is that you can do this on your laptop and share it with other friends, people who you dont see everyday. Podcasting is absolutely something that high school students will enjoy doing as an assignment.